Lisa Halili is an entrepreneur with a passion for creativity of the secret of the world of oysters. She  has been an hands on deckhand on an oyster /shrimp boat  in a business created with her first mate  Johhny later in life grew a  business, from one boat the devotion to creating  the one of the largest fresh Gulf oyster Business. The wife husband team ambitious became the entrepreneur  creativity Prestige Oyster the passion of the love saltwater. They had an second mate their youngest son Raz and together this family team  has used these abilities in her  family’s business, to continue into High Pressure Process of treatment for pathogens to remove from the oyster, and the family acquired an 100 year old name business Hillman Shrimp and Oyster. Where they now continue the Hillman Brand IQF oysters, being on of the largest in Texas and Louisiana in giving back more than 20K of limestone in oyster reef building, recycling 100 %  of all oyster shells. 

Lisa os a hands on person loves the creation of the  nature, the smell of the trees. earth and amazing sounds of oceans waves is the most peaceful heavenly pass time to enjoy.

Lisa is the founder of the San Leon Oyster Fest and her goal is to build an non commercial oyster reef to help her long time friend Kevin Black whom she met through Jim Olive, her dream is to creat the reef name it Rett  Reef to make awareness to Rett syndrome.

Lisa lost her older son died of massive heart attack the lost of a child I’d lifelong pain you keep I’m your heart. Lisa been fighting breast cancer since 2017  although she was speared  at 90% tumor,  that was growing into cancer. Lisa  with a double mastectomy and 6 corrective surgery she has master a very strong combat. Only with the love and support  of her husband Johnny and son Raz daughter heather and  huge family friends she’s rolling strong.

Lisa as battle the fight over Galveston Bay with a back room shady illegal lease, That  she took on with one man. Tracy Woody he tried to steal the heart of Galveston Bay unfortunately this battle is still on going and will most likely end back to the Texas Supreme Court. Why  because the person she fighting Jeri’s Seafood Tracy Woody has more money than common sense. 

Lisa also took on the big Chemical Company Clean Harbors she was  named  the Erin Brockvich of San Leon  and even though  we got an partial win, but unfortunately with the town small the folks that once took interested to fighting are now in their late 80’ and did not have the ability to fight and with Covid-19 and the latest way of seeing court in ZOOM it was not the best way to have a hearing and unfortunately Clean Harbors continue killing Dickinson bayou.  

Lisa and her husband Johnny son Raz took on during the pandemic opening up a restaurant Pier 6 Seafood with tide to table fresh Gulf Seafood PIER 6 Seafood has given folks what they long waited for great seafood tropical frozen drinks an the view of the bay along side the Houston Ship Channel.

Lisa shares her life with his husband Johnny and  8 grandkids and her baby Mia a short hair British tabby cat that rules the house. Her passion is just to be outside the nicest thing  in life is the great outdoors. why because nature doses not talk back…..